“Dentist?! Why would you want to be a dentist?”

This is a question that I often got as I was growing up, as I’ve known this is what I wanted to do since I was twelve. Most people have a fear of the dentist. I think this comes from not understanding what’s going to happen at each visit, or possibly a bad experience in the past. The dental chair really is a vulnerable position to be in. I have that same fear when sitting in the dental chair as well, but for me, the desire to become a dentist came from my orthodontic experience when I was younger. My orthodontist was so kind and patient and always encouraging. They would always answer my questions about the stages and processes. I, in turn, enjoyed my experience with braces! This is my goal for each and every patient that walks through my door. I want to help them restore their teeth to a level of health and then maintain it, and I want to explain and answer any questions they have along the way. I love being able to alleviate the fears of patients, and the best compliment that we receive is when a patient says, “Was that it? That didn’t hurt at all!!”. We aim to go the extra mile for our patients to make them feel how much we care about them. Our office provides a number of amenities for helping patients to relax during their visits ranging from blankets and eye masks to headphones and iPods to nitrous oxide to help patients relax. We even offer some forms of sedation dentistry.

Before you go swearing off dentists, give our office a try. We’d love to be able to dispel another myth that the dentist is a scary person!


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